American Readers at Home

A Road Trip across the United States in Interviews and Photographs

How does our experience and perception of daily events through the media translate into personal memories?


  • February 2018   approx. CHF 69.00 | eur 68.00


Title Information

Edited and with photographs by Ludovic Balland. With an preface by Brice Matthieusent

1st edition

, 2018


approx. 420 pages, 432 color and 80 b/w illustrations

25 x 35 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-809-6


This new book is the result of the media project Day After Reading, conceived by Swiss graphic designer and editor Ludovic Balland. His focus was on how people remember and perceive information in the daily media while uncovering personal memories and reading habits. On his 13,000-mile road trip across the country during the final weeks of the 2016 US election campaign and its immediate aftermath, calling at twenty cities and attending major events such as the presidential inauguration or the Women’s March in Washington DC the day after, Balland has conducted dozens of interviews and took hundreds of photographs. He has captured the expectations of, and the immediate effects on, people surrounding this major political event, resulting in an exceptional portrait of the American media consumer.

With printed media struggling to survive in the age of real-time digital news channels and social media, newspapers are forced to find new ways of storytelling. American Readers at Home features also new, personalized ways of recording and receiving news, highlighting their relation to personal experience and the context of readers’ individual lives.

Authors & Editors

Ludovic Balland

, born 1973 in Geneva, is a lives and works in Basel as a graphic designer specializing in entire editorial projects. He also teaches regularly at various art schools and universities in Switzerland, Europe, and the US.

Brice Matthieusent

, born 1950, a French author and award-winning literary translator. He also teaches as a Professor of Aesthetics at the École supérieure d'art et de design Marseille-Méditerranée in Marseille.