Beat Schlatter – Rock ’n’ Roll Hinterland

Swiss Backstages

Performing artists encounter an amazing range of rooms to change and prepare for their stage appearance in Switzerland. This is Beat Schlatter's view of a selection of them.


  • December 2017   approx. CHF 49.00 | eur 48.00


Title Information

Edited by Alain Kupper. With contributions by Stella Glitter and Alain Kupper

1st edition

, 2017

Texts English and German


approx. 208 pages, 300 color illustrations

16.5 x 23 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-571-2


All across Switzerland, in smaller towns like Schaffhausen or Biel as well as in larger villages such as Altdorf or Buchs, there are local public theatres, restaurants with a stage, or multi-purpose halls. These places are second home to Beat Schlatter, actor-comedian, playwright, and the person behind one of Switzerland’s most famous faces. For some thirty years, he has travelled Switzerland in every direction to perform his own programs and to appear in shows, and he has rested, changed, and made-up his face in hundreds of these venues that offer some variety of a back-stage.

When on tour, Schlatter takes photographs of these usually dull transitional spaces where celebrities and local stars and starlets await their appearance. This new book, featuring around 300 of Schlatter’s images, is a testimonial of the moderate tristesse and the well-intended fruit bowl inherent to all these spaces, no matter how conventional or hilariously extravagant they may seem.

Authors & Editors

Stella Glitter

, born 1949, is a Swiss artist living and working in Zurich and La Motte.

Alain Kupper

, born 1962,  lives and works in Zurich as a musician, graphic designer, and artist.