Christian Vogt

The Longer I Look

The first-ever comprehensive survey of Christian Vogt's photography, featuring work from all stages of his career


Title Information

Photographs by Christian Vogt. With a conversation between Martin Gasser and  Christian Vogt

1st edition

, 2017


264 pages, 210 color, 179 duotone, and 3 b/w illustrations

20 x 27.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-791-4


Christian Vogt is one of Switzerland’s most important contemporary artists. For nearly fifty years, he has engaged in a complex dialogue with his central medium of expression—photography—rendering a new image language that puts him ahead of his time. Each image is a projection that invites many different reactions depending on the viewer, making each photograph an exploration of vision.

The first book to focus on Vogt’s entire body of work, Christian Vogt: The Longer I Look ranges across his full body of work, including both conceptual work and a selection of commissions. The nearly four hundred images offer a comprehensive overview of the artist’s philosophical concerns and his capacity to visualize “the things behind things.” The book also features an introduction by Vogt and a conversation between Vogt and the artist and curator Martin Gasser.

Authors & Editors

Martin Gasser

 is conservator of the permanent collection and curator at the Winterthur-based Fotostiftung Schweiz. He has written extensively and published various books on Swiss photographers and photoghraphy,

Christian Vogt

, born 1946, lives and works as a freelance photographic artist in Basel. His work has been featured in numerous national and international exhibitions and books.

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For all photographs: Christian Vogt © 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich

from Idem diversum, 1991—95

Marignano, September 13/14, 1515 – November 25, 1990, from Battlefields, 1990—91

about the price of freedom of not belonging anywhere, from Photographic Notes, since 1981

for those who can’t live without comparison, from Photographic Notes, since 1981

Paul gets angry whenever he doesn't understand something, from Photographic Notes, since 1981

from Flaxen Diary, since 2003

from Naturräume (Natural Spaces), 2004—10

from Onlookers, 1977—78

Andermatt, from Views, since 2003

Kauai, from Views, since 2003

Big Island, Hawaii, from Nebelbilder (Mist), 2002—08

from Traveling at the same place, 2001

Meret Oppenheim — Last Portrait, 1985

from In Camera, 1979–80

Aurelie, 1986, from Bei Sich (In Her Own Space), since 1986

from Music Academy, 1979

from Prison Cells, 1989

James Turrell, 1987

Nina, 1979

from Vestiges, since 1986

from Innenräume (Interiors), 1987—90

Long Beach, Washington, from a sequence, 2015

from Recent Research, since 2012

Bild macht Wort / Wort macht Bild, lit. “word makes picture / picture makes word.” Used as a noun, however, the German word Macht means “power.” From Skinprints, since 2008

what is hard to understand is easy to reject, from Skinprints, since 2008


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