26 Things

26 cantons, 26 things, 26 times Swiss history.


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Edited by the Swiss National Museum

1st edition

, 2016


112 pages, 72 color and 1 b/w illustrations

15 x 19.8 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-780-8


The Swiss National Museum features a permanent collection of some 850,000 objects that tell the story of Switzerland’s history from prehistoric times to the present. This book selects twenty-six items from the collection, one from each of Switzerland’s cantons, that together offer a mosaic of Swiss history. The items include a gold Celtic bowl made more than three thousand years ago, a miniature of the electric motor that helped propel NASA’s Spirit rover on Mars, a medieval Madonna sculpture, a clock that once belonged to Napoleon, the first Swiss snow gun, and many more. Beautifully designed and richly illustrated, this book is a wonderful, compact companion to the appreciation of Switzerland’s long history.


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Swiss National Museum

 unites the National Museum Zurich, the Château de Prangins and the Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz, as well as the collections centre in Affoltern a.A. The museums’ permanent exhibitions present Swiss history from its beginnings to the present.

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Canton of Schaffhausen. Perforated baton, 11th century BC, reindeer antler, found in the late 19th century in Schweizersbild

Canton of Ticino. Mercenary’s helmet, 1st century BC, bronze, chased, found in 1900 in Giubiasco

Canton of Valais. Madonna and Child, 1170, lime wood, found in 1924 in Raron

Canton of Basel-Landschaft. Foot reliquary, 1450, silver, copper, gold-plated, mother of pearl, enamel, pearls, gemstones, glass, from the Basel Minster treasury

Canton of Lucerne. Chronicle of the Swiss Confederation, 1507, paper, woodcuts, written by Petermann Etterlin

Canton of St. Gallen. Celestial globe, 1594, clockwork, brass, silver, gold-plated, cast, repoussé work, chased and engraved, made by Jost Bürgi

Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. “Ratsrose” painting, 1688, canvas, oil, wood, attributed to Johann Martin Geiger, from the Appenzell town hall

Canton of Neuchâtel. Breguet travel clock, 1796, fire-gilded bronze, made in Paris by Abraham-Louis Breguet

Canton of Jura. Char-de-côté, stagecoach, 1849, wood, iron, leather, painted

Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. White work embroidery, 1851, cotton muslin, embroidered curtain, hand-embroidered by a woman from Bühler

Canton of Glarus. Beach chair, 1954, asbestos cement, industrial manufacture, designed by Willy Guhl, produced by Eternit AG in Niederurnen

Canton of Graubünden. Snow cannon, 1978, aluminium pipe with two jets, first used in Savognin

Canton of Basel-Stadt. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), 2007, made by Laboratorium Dr. G. Bichsel, for Dr. P. Gasser


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