Imperfection. Atelier Stéphane Fernandez

Imperfection. Atelier Stéphane Fernandez

First monograph on French architect Stéphane Fernandez, a contemporary virtuoso of minimalist architecture




Edited by Stéphane Fernandez and Building Paris. With texts and a conversation with Stéphane Fernandez by Eléonore Marantz and a preface by Jean-Christophe Quinton

1st edition

, 2019

Text in English and French


192 pages, 102 color and 36 b/w illustrations and plans

22 x 30 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-167-8


French architect Stéphane Fernandez creates a “silent architecture” that invests the landscape as much as it takes shape. He is a minimalist in expression and maximalist in attention to detail. He models rough, thick and fragile monoliths by digging, by movement of bodies and the generation of tensions between masses. Fernandez articulates his work around a permanent search for materials, the accumulation of models, sketches, plans and words.

This first monograph on Stéphane Fernandez features five of his realized designs that are emblematic for his approach: a childrens’ pavillion (Saint-Raphaël, 2005), a media library (Carnoux, 2007), a students’ residence and laboratory building (Banyuls-sur-Mer, 2013), a cultural center (Vertou, 2015) and a primary school (Cannes, 2018). An essay and a conversation with Stéphane Fenrandez by architectural historian Éléonore Marantz complement plans of the buildings and photographs of the five buildings by Berlin-based photographers Schnepp Renou.

Autoren & Herausgeber

Building Paris

  is a Paris-based art direction and design studio founded by Benoît Santiard and Guillaume Grall. A special focus of their work is on architecture books.

Stéphane Fernandez

 hat seine Ausbildung zum Architekten an der Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Marseille (ENSA Marseille) und der Architekturabteilung der EPFL in Lausanne abgeschlossen. Er führt sein eigenes Büro in Aix-en-Provence und lehrt und forscht daneben am Départment La Fabrique der ENSA Marseille.

Éléonore Marantz

Jean Christophe Quinton