The Digital Turn

Design in the Era of Interactive Technologies

The Digital Turn is a wide ranging survey on how designers and design can respond to today’s challenges of interactive technologies.


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Edited by Barbara Junge, Zane Berzina, Walter Scheiffele, Wim Westerveld, and Carola Zwick

1st edition

, 2012


304 pages, 243 color and 34 b/w illustrations

25 x 23 cm

ISBN 978-3-906027-02-9


The ways of representing information and content are increasingly dominated by the interactive technologies of digital media. Today design professionals must navigate the constantly changing world of digital technology in order to give consumers a positive aesthetic experience. The editors of this wide-ranging volume work in four different disciplines—conceptual development, interactive design, visual communication, and digital media—and they provide a uniquely multifaceted and profound overview of how designers can respond to the challenges posed by interactive digital technology. Looking at both the obstacles that the digital world creates for designers, and also the opportunities to do new and boundarypushing work that it provides, The Digital Turn is a complete account of designing with interactive technologies. Hundreds of images are included to supplement essays by a wide variety of international professionals, teachers, and students, all of whom deal with designing in the age of digital interaction every day.


With contributions by Carola Zwick, Zane Berzina, Barbara Junge, LustLab, Alan Kay, Maggie Orth, Kenya Hara, Paul Kahn, Troika, Friedrich Schmidgall, Petr van Blokland, Darryl Feldman, Constantin Andiel, Christoph Mille, Arjen Mulder, Marie O’Mahony, Susanne Stage, Simon Taylor, John Warwicker, Daniel Berwanger, Berit Greinke, Alexander Behn, Dietmar Offenhuber, Carlo Ratti, Bjorn Bertrand, Casey Reas, Friedrich Blauert, Janis Jefferies, Markus Hanzer, Nadia Graf, Adrian Muller, Michael Grosch, Nicholas Negroponte, Oliver Reichenstein, Stu Campbell, Wera Fleck, Alessio Leonardi, Carla Hesse, Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Gros, Julia Laub, Konrad Hempel, Lev Manovich, Niko Spelbrink, Susanne Stauch, Theresa C. Mientus, Tincuta Heinzel, Sarah D. Rodriguez, Ursula Wagner, Anna Marin, Corinna Hingelbaum, Karen Minden, Lars Hubner, Christian May, Sandra Riedel, Sebastian Reichel, and Veronika Aumann.

Authors & Editors

Constantin Andiel

Veronika Aumann

Alexander Behn

Bjorn Bertrand

Daniel Berwanger

Zane Berzina

Friedrich Blauert

Petr van Blokland

Hartmut Bohnacker

Stu Campbell

Darryl Feldman

Wera Fleck

Nadia Graf

Berit Greinke

Benedikt Gros

Michael Grosch

Markus Hanzer

Kenya Hara

Tincuta Heinzel

Konrad Hempel

Carla Hesse

Corinna Hingelbaum

Lars Hubner

Janis Jefferies

Barbara Junge

Paul Kahn

Alan Kay

Julia Laub

Alessio Leonardi


Lev Manovich

Anna Marin

Christian May

Theresa C. Mientus

Christoph Mille

Karen Minden

Arjen Mulder

Adrian Muller

Nicholas Negroponte

Marie O'Mahony

Dietmar Offenhuber

Maggie Orth

Carlo Ratti

Casey Reas

Sebastian Reichel

Oliver Reichenstein

Sandra Riedel

Sarah D. Rodriguez

Walter Scheiffele

Friedrich Schmidgall

 is a interaction designer working as reseracher at Intedisciplinary Laboratoty Image Knowledge Gestaltung, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He is a co-founder of ARCHIEXP.

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