Art and Artistic Research

Art and Artistic Research

This collection of essays examines the growing movement of artistic research.



Title Information

Edited by Corina Caduff, Fiona Siegenthaler, and Tan Wälchli

1st edition

, 2009

Text English and German

Hardback, 464 pages, 10 color and 82 b/w illustrations

16 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-293-3

Zurich Yearbook of the Arts, vol. 6 (2009)


Artistic research is a new approach to making art that began in visual art and has recently expanded to performing arts, film, writing, and design. An artist begins a project by acting as more of a researcher than an artist, and only once he’s acquired a detailed understanding of a particular topic does he begin the more commonly understood practice of making art.

Art and Artistic Research, published by the Zurich University for the Arts, brings together eighteen essays by authors from Britain, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. The essays consider various aspects of this technique, including its development, its spread from English-speaking countries throughout much of Europe, and what it might have to contribute to the art world and to society at large. In addition, the book presents a number of examples of recent projects in artistic research. A wide-ranging, theoretically informed collection, Art and Artistic Research is an essential starting point for future discussions of this promising movement.

Authors & Editors

Corinna Caduff

Fiona Siegenthaler

Tan Wälchli