Salvador Dalí & Andy Warhol

Salvador Dalí & Andy Warhol

Encounters in New York and Beyond

The first-ever comparative study on two of the 20th century's most significant, and most notorious, artists.



Title Information

Torsten Otte

1st edition

, 2016


416 pages, 28 color and 29 b/w illustrations

17 x 24 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-774-7


Few figures tower over twentieth-century art like Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol. Their works were pathbreaking and incalculably influential, yet at the same time both artists were wildly popular in their lifetime and have only become more so in the decades since their deaths. Despite the striking differences in their art and personalities, the two men nonetheless had a lot in common—the most obvious being a strong sense of the power of publicity and an affinity for eccentricity and extravagance. They also shared a love of New York, which both men made the heart of their social lives; it was there, in the 1960s, that they met for the first time.

This book offers the first-ever direct juxtaposition of Dalí and Warhol as personalities and artists. Torsten Otte builds his account through perceptive analyses of similarities in their lives and work, and he fleshes it out brilliantly through interviews with some one hundred and twenty people who knew and worked with the men. A rich illustration program rounds out the book, making it an essential document of twentieth-century art and a wonderful addition to the libraries of fans of these two giants.


With photographs by Jade Albert, David Bailey, Giancarlo Botti, Cecil Beaton, Peter Beard, Robert Descharnes, Nat Finkelstein, Ron Galella, Burt Glinn, Philippe Halsman, Ken Heyman, Lynn Karlin, Roxanne Lowit, Christopher Makos, Oriol Maspons i Casades, David McCabe, Billy Name, Eric Schaal, Harry Shunk & János Kender, Enrique Sabater, Andy Warhol, Paul Weiss, and Robert Whitaker.

Authors & Editors

Torsten Otte

 is an attorney and art historian. He is the author of a biography of Salvador Dalí, published in 2006. He lives in Berlin.


“Wow! I love it – what a fantastic source of information on both Dalí and Warhol – such a lot of work you’ve done here. So well researched and written. I’m convinced it will do very well and will continue to be a valuable source for years to come. I’m very proud to be in there among so many far greater individuals than myself!ˮ

Suzannah Fleming (garden historian, Chairman of The Temple Trust, and muse of Salvador Dalí)


“What an extraordinary publication. Your book is a work of art in itself. Brilliant research, outstanding in every way.ˮ

Jack Bond (film producer and director widely known for his 1965 documentary Dalí in New York and his work for The South Bank Show)


“I am absolutely thrilled to have been part of your extraordinary project. I love your Masterpiece!!!ˮ

Jade Albert (photographer and contributing photographer for Interview magazine)


“Bravo Torsten! This is an amazing book!!!ˮ

Chris Royer (fashion executive and former Halstonette)


“I can assure you it is a must read. Full of amazing facts and first hand experiences of both artists from more than 130 separate close acquaintances (including me). Even just a short way into the book I’m blown away by the info in here … for you fans of either artist, and fans of neither but love art, this is a must read, congratulations Torsten. … Amazing piece of work.ˮ

Louis Markoya (artist and assistant to Salvador Dalí)


“Everything you didn’t know about Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí and the New York scene in the late Twentieth Century. An incredible compilation and a fascinating read! […] I’m deep in your marvelous book and am in awe of the massive amount of detail and fascinating stories you have put together. Bravo and many congratulations! ˮ

Sally Chamberlain (wife of artist, moviemaker and author Wynn Chamberlain)


“Every page I have read yields fascination about the characters I knew. Yet your book reveals so much more about them that I had not realized nor imagined. … Your book should be required reading for every art student and every psychoanalyst on earth. It should be translated into every language. In fact it should be put into a time capsule. It should be brought to another planet where humans would have to travel to in order to preserve life if Earth became uninhabitable.”

Bettina Cirone (photographer and former Ford model, friend of Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol)


“It’s most interesting and certainly justifies your idea of writing a book about these two artists, who certainly have more in common than I had thought likely. You have made a valuable contribution to the art history of our times.”

Jonathan Guinness, 3rd Baron Moyne (British peer and businessman)