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Working & Living

History and Presence of Studio House Wuhrstrasse 8/10

Studio House Wuhrstrasse 8/10 in Zurich: a unique working and living space for artists


  • November 2021   approx. CHF 65.00 | eur 58.00


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Edited by Painters & Sculptors Building Cooperative Zurich. Contributions by Adam Jasper, Caroline Kesser, Bruno Maurer, Burkhard Meltzer, Gabrielle Schaad, and Stefan Zweifel

1st edition

, 2021

approx. 256 pages, 130 color and 115 b/w illustrations

23 x 31 cm

ISBN 978-3-03942-031-5


The studio and residential building at Wuhrstrasse 8/10 in Zurich is a unique place: Commissioned by the Painters & Sculptors Building Cooperative Zurich, founded in 1948, eminent Swiss architect Ernst Gisel (1922–2021) designed this ensemble of buildings comprising eight apartments and twelve artist studios in 1953. Thus, a utopia of self-organized working and living space became reality. Since then, fifty-four artists have left their mark on the artistic and cultural life of Zurich and Switzerland from their home on Wuhrstrasse 8/10.

This book recounts the history of this extraordinary structure, illustrated with archival plans and documents as well as new and historic photographs. It also examines the political and social dimension of the Wuhrstrasse model and its international impact. Further essays explore how the lives and works of the resident artists are interwoven with contemporary events, and address the artist studio as both an idealized myth and as a real place of work. In inserts created especially for the book, eleven Zurich-based artists, all not members of the cooperative themselves, respond to the exemplary model that is the “Atelierhaus.”


Art inserts by Georg Aerni, Marieta Chirulescu, Stephan Janitzky, Verena Kathrein / Ariane Müller, Adriana Lara, Christian Philip Müller, Manfred Pernice, Zara Pfeifer, Erik Steinbrecher, Constantin Thun, Georg Winter


Adam Jasper is a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich’s Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta Institute).


Caroline Kesser lives and works in Zurich as an art historian and critic.


Bruno Maurer is director of archives at ETH Zurich’s Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta Institute).


Burkhard Meltzer is a Zurich-based author, researcher, and curator.


Gabrielle Schaad is a lecturer and research associate at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and the Technical University of Munich.


Stefan Zweifel is Zurich-based a philosopher who also works as a writer and curator.

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