City Lust

City Lust

London Guangzhou Lagos Dubai Houston

Charlie Koolhaas looks at the traces of constantly changing global economy: intercontinental markets; the chiffres of pop culture and of merchandizing; the brokers trading goods around the planet; and male and female role models in context with business-driven relationships.


  • February 2020   CHF 59.00 | eur 58.00


Title Information

Charlie Koolhaas

1st edition

, 2020


412 pages, 354 color illustrations

20.5 x 30 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-804-1


"City Lust" is the name of a fragrance that sociologist and photographer Charlie Koolhaas found in a Dubai perfumery wholesale showroom. It is also the starting point of an expedition that leads Koolhaas to a variety of places in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the US. In Lagos, Guangzhou, Dubai, London, and Huston, she explores the fast change that a globalized economy forces upon these so very different metropolises.

During extended stays in each place, Koolhaas has taken a vast number of photographs, many of them of striking intensity. She focuses her view is not just on the increasing uniformity of cities around the world. Her key objective is to demonstrate the discrepancy between cultural standardization and local diversity in the age of globalization. The visual language of her new book City Lust is everyday photography, pure documentation and captivating observation. The second narrative is Koolhaas’s equally fascinating and illuminating essay that brings together her own insight into global trade and its protagonists.


Charlie Koolhaas, born 1977 in London, graduated in sociology from New York University and in Interactive Media from Goldsmith’s, University of London. She lives and works as an artist, photographer, and writer in Rotterdam. She has taught visual culture theory at TU Delft and Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, and has been a visiting lecturer at Strelka Institute in Moscow, ETH Zurich, HEAD Geneva, and Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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