El Frauenfelder

El Frauenfelder

The paintings of El Frauenfelder, Manor Art Prize Zürich laureate 2015



Title Information

Edited by Kunstmuseum Winterthur. With contributions by Markus Stegmann and Simona Ciuccio

1st edition

, 2015

Text English and German


120 pages, 56 color and 57 monochrome illustrations

26 x 33 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-498-2


Elisa “El” Frauenfelder is known for her paintings and drawings that de­pict bare landscapes, as well as towns, houses, and interiors. From Helsinki to the plains of South Dakota to the Swiss countryside, she has taken inspiration from her surroundings for a wide vari­ety of new motifs. Working in a rapid alla prima process, she applies paint with a palette knife and scrapes the canvas to achieve a raw and direct presence in her art. At times somber and dark, oth­er times gaudy and lurid, Frauenfelder’s paintings never fail to command atten­tion with their careful orchestration of color, motif, and shape in contrast with their sketchy, open brushwork. El Frauenfelder analyzes the most recent works by this remarkable young artist. The book includes essays by art historians Markus Stegmann and Simo­na Ciuccio.

The book is published in conjunction with an exhibition at Kunstmuseum Winterthur in fall 2015.

Authors & Editors

Simona Ciuccio

, born 1979, is a research assistant and curator at Kunstmuseum Winterthur.

Markus Stegmann

, born 1962, is a scholar of art history and a freelance curator and writer. He has been curator of contemporary art at Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen 2002–12.