Eyes That Saw

Eyes That Saw

Architecture after Las Vegas

An intellectual panorama about the significance and lasting effect of Learning from Las Vegas in architecture and urban design as well as in visual arts



Title Information

Edited by Stanislaus von Moos and Martino Stierli

1st edition

, 2020


504 pages, 197 color and 110 b/w illustrations

14 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-820-1

In collaboration with Yale School of Architecture


At the peak of the 1968/69 students’ riots at American Universities, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, together with Steven Izenour, pursued their Design and Research Studio on the topic of Las Vegas at Yale School of Architecture. The results of this were condensed into the book Learning from Las Vegas that became a classic almost instantly upon its first publication in 1972. The treatise excited the 1970s architecture world and has remained influential to architects, teachers and theoreticians to the present day.

Some forty years later, Eyes that Saw: Architecture after Las Vegas offers a richly illustrated collection of essays by renowned scholars of art and architectural history, eminent architects, and artists, investigating Learning from Las Vegas and its heritage from various perspectives. All build on the knowledge of the radical influence it had on architecture and urban design, visual art, and even on history more generally. Published alongside are documents from the Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates Archive at University of Pennsylvania, as well as an illustrated chronology of the resonance in international media following the publication of Learning from Las Vegas in 1972.

With contributions by Stan Allen, David Allin, Eve Blau, Beatriz Colomina, Valéry Didelon, Elizabeth Diller, Peter Fischli, Dan Graham, Neil Levine, Mary McLeod, Rafael Moneo, Stanislaus von Moos, David M. Schwarz, Denise Scott Brown, Katherine Smith, Martino Stierli, Karin Theunissen, and Robert Venturi. Preface by Robert A.M. Stern.


Stanislaus von Moos is professor emeritus of art history at University of
Zürich. He has also been visiting professor of art history at Princeton and Yale
Universities and at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.


Martino Stierli is the Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art.


Still available: Las Vegas Studio. Images from the Archive of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown


Toujours disponible: Las Vegas Studio. Images de l'archive de Robert Venturi et Denise Scott Brown

Authors & Editors

"A beautifully designed anthology – witty and funny, inspiring and entertaining." Andreas Lechner, GAM 17


"The book draws connections to art, especially Pop Art, and documents what the findings from Vegas, the need for symbols and signs mean for the design of urban space." Swenja Willms, magazine Prestige


"The content, which has been stored for years and has now been published, fits in well with the retrospective character of the anthology: in a multi-faceted journey through time, it takes readers back into the world of postmodernism." Jakob Schoof, Detail


"The most important thing remains the original from 1972, because this is the work, the statement, the cult in its perfection. No more, no less. Eyes That Saw underlines exactly that. It's at least in line with Marshall Macluhan's publications or S, M, L, XL." Jonis Hartmann, Textem


"Anecdotes and analysis alternate, just as we know it from books and lectures by Denise Scott-Brown or Robert Venturi. In addition to important cross-references to art, especially Pop Art, "Eyes That Saw" makes comprehensible what the insights from Vegas, the need for symbols, signs, and ultimately the spurned decoration mean for the design of urban space." Katharina Cichosch, Monopol


"LLV is a lasting book whose influence is firmly entrenched in architecture, but the book is open to much more than the usual readings (esp. the Duck vs. the Decorated Shed) to people willing to examine it in detail. Eyes That Saw offers many such provocations." A Daily Dose of Architecture