Oliver Schwarz—Drawings and Paintings

The pictorial world of Swiss architect Oliver Schwarz



Title Information

With texts and a conversation with Oliver Schwarz by Rahel Hartmann Schweizer

1st edition

, 2018

Texts English and German


520 pages, 401 color illustrations

17.5 x 30 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-589-7


Oliver Schwarz is a well-known architect in his native Switzerland. Less widely known is his skill as an artist and the inventor of a series of incredible flying contraptions. Here to bring Schwarz’s body of artistic work to a wider audience is Schwarzflug, the first book to focus on his paintings, drawings and inventions over three decades.

Schwarzflug features three hundred large, full-color illustrations to demonstrate the impressive range of Schwarz’s work, which comprises both analog—pastel, ink drawing, acrylic, oil, watercolor—and digital techniques with equal accomplishment. In an interview published alongside the illustrations, Schwarz offers insight into his creative process. He elaborates on the relationship between his art and the flying contraptions he has invented, on his sense of space while painting, and on the manipulable nature of digitally produced art. Additional texts offer short descriptions of the images and explore associations with Western artistic traditions.

Authors & Editors

Rahel Hartmann Schweizer

 is a Swiss scholar of art and architectural history and a freelance writer, curator, and lecturer.